What is this blog about?  Who am I?  I will answer both of these questions but not in the statistical way: married, 1.3 children, white picket fence, 2 pets, 4 plants, blue car, blah, blah, blah.  That mundane, surface stuff is not really who anyone is.  Not really.  In this blog I want you to see what is important to me, and thereby you see the real me.  So what is important to me?


Love is important to me.  Love of my husband, my soulmate.  Love of my son, the heart of my heart.  Love of my family and friends, where would I be without you?  Why is love so important?  Because God is Love.  At this point a lot of people would say that they believe in God, or they believe in Jesus.  I say, I don’t have to believe.  I know.

I know.

You can think something is true.  You can believe something is true, or you can know something is true.  I know God is real. I know God is Love.  I know that He loves me – even when I don’t love myself.  I know He is there for me when I am under the rock at rock bottom.  And I know that He truly and deeply loves each one of you, whether you love Him back or not.  Because that is what true love is.  Love is not given so that the giver can be loved in return.  No.  God doesn’t need us to love Him back. The only thing that true love wants is for you accept that love.  It is a gift.  He wants you to have it.  Just reach out and take it.

Love is important to me, and this is who I am.  I want to be a conduit of that Love.  For love to be love it must be shared.  Love is a friendship.  Love is a journey.

Let’s take this journey together.

Peace be with you,


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