We are at War!

I am tired of anti-Christians telling us what we are allowed to say and think under the guise of being polite and politically correct.  Political correctness is nothing but censorship and that it not being polite.

I am tired of the legal immigrants to America being looked down upon because they understand that the American dream is alive and work for it, not those who come here illegally and only understand the philosophy of victimhood.

I am tired of everyone saying that America is so bad.  Only in America can people say, on international television, that they would blow up the White House and have no consequences to their actions.  If America is so bad and all these other countries are so good – why is everyone trying to come here? The poorest person in America is still within the top 1% of the world as far a material wealth!  Get some perspective!

I am tired that Christianity is called the worst thing that has ever happened and Islam is a religion of peace.  If Christianity is so bad and Islam is so good then why are Islamism killing their own children and Christians are considering them gifts from God?   Let me tell you about these terrible Christian who started the Crusades on the innocent Islam people.  It was not about greed as we have been taught – it was about 400 years of unchecked Islamic aggression and defiling of and murdering of Christians and Christian site including what would become known as the Vatican before the first crusade.  Four hundred years and we did nothing!  They were raiding Europe!  Moreover, Christianity is not what caused all of the wars ever.  Yes, religion has been the cause war but only 7% of all the wars in the history of the world!  And Islam has started over 4% of those.   If Islam is a religion of peace then why do they think killing anyone who doesn’t follow it a good thing?  I read the Quran, part of it is wonderful and I bought into it is a religion of peace and then there is a bunch of added in stuff.  Then when everything with terrorism started happening, I read the history of Islam.  It reads like the history of organized crime.  Here is a link to the history of this “peaceful” religion as told by a former Muslim.


So how do we combat all of this?  Why do why do people believe the way they do?  Fear.  People who are vilifying people who say what they know to be true instead of what is politically correct, are afraid to hear the truth and know that they are wrong and have to change.  People who say America is so bad, despite being better off than 99% of the world are afraid that they will have to grow up and realize they are not the Sun and the World doesn’t revolve around them.  People who embrace Islam and malign Christianity are afraid that the Muslim terrorists will win.  They cannot.  They cannot, because Christians have something they don’t – Love.  God is Love.  Allah is not God.  That is their greatest lie.  Link to that below as well.


Christ died for us out of pure Love.  All the terrorists have is murdering innocents to get their way.  Every regime ever built on fear has been destroyed.  Christ built His Church on Love and it shall never pass away.

Love of God destroys all fear.

Peace be with you.

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