What are you doing?

Why is it that people only ask what you are doing when they know what you are doing and you are doing something wrong?  Why don’t people ever ask what you are doing when you are doing something right?  Why do we not draw attention to people doing the right thing instead of people doing the wrong thing?

Why is it that we turn criminals into celebrities? After Columbine the news plastered the shooters name and face everywhere.  This started a culture of fame seeking copycats.  But does anyone even remember Jason Seaman, the teacher who tackled a school shooter to save the lives of his seventh-grade class?  Has anyone even heard of the incident?

Maybe we Christians, who are already the counter culture, start our own movement of pointing out social media when people do things that are right, and noble.  Maybe we should use social media to make celebrities out of righteous people like Jason Seaman.  Why don’t we plaster the name of the people who have done great works instead of gossiping about the fake beautiful people?

Just a thought.

Peace be with you.

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