Miles 1590 – 1595

Hey guys, welcome to Following Him!

All blasphemes will be forgiven?  Even this God will forgive?  How wonderful is God’s mercy!  But what does it mean to blaspheme against the Holy Spirit?  What could this all merciful, all loving God not forgive?  What could you possibly do that would have God reject you?  Wait.  That is the wrong question.  And that is the problem.  If God is all loving and all forgiving the only thing that we could do that would send us to Hell is to forget that.  To use our free will to not accept that forgiveness.  If we don’t accept God’s forgiveness then He won’t force it on us.  If we don’t accept God’s forgiveness then our sins remain.  If our sins remain then we can’t go to a beautiful sinless oneness with God and will wander in the outer darkness, in eternal damnation.

Enjoy your walk.

Peace be with you.


If you would rather be “Following Him” on Alexa try the following steps:

If you own an Amazon smart speaker, like the Echo or Echo Dot, you can listen to Following Him!

First you need to enable our Skill. Here are easy ways you can do that:

  1. Say, “Alexa, enable the Following Him” Or Visit the Skills section of your Alexa Smartphone App and search for “Following Him.”
  2. After you have enabled the Skill, listen to Following Him just by saying Alexa, open  Following Him.”

Or on YouTube:

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