Cross My Heart Part 9

Today we will pick up our cross, die to ourselves and live for God by putting God at the center of our lives.  I want you to do something make a list of your priorities, just in your head.  Okay, go.  Okay, stop.  If you have more than one priority then they are not priorities at all.  A priority is something that is more important than anything else.  God is THE priority.

More often than not when you tell someone to list their priorities, and you haven’t talked about God first.  God is not the first thing on the list.  He is sometimes not even on the list.  When it is mentioned that He is not on the person’s list, the answer is usually, “Oh, I didn’t know you were talking about that.  Of course, He is a priority.”    God is not a priority.  He is THE priority.  He should never be in a specific category of stuff that you have to be talking about to be remembered.

Most of the time, you are the priority of your life.  You, then your family, then your friends, and it expands out from there. You don’t usually list yourself but instead list your spouse, your children, your health, etc.  But what if there was no you.  What if you could not say I, or my, or mine, or me, or even your name?  What would you have left on that list?

Deny your very self, pick up your cross – die to the self and live for God.  Make God the beating heart of your life.

Peace be with you.

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