What Do You Fear?

We discussed how Satan wants you to fear.  Fear is what gains him power.  Fear stops you from feeling the love of God.  You cannot love and fear at the same time.  You fill yourself with God’s Love and fear is destroyed.  But what is it that you fear?  What makes you fear?  What is it that Satan can use against you?

Is it loneliness?  If you fear loneliness and abandonment, he will use that.  You counter it by knowing that God will never abandon you.  Jesus said, He will be with you always.

Do you fear failure?  Is this fear stopping you from trying?  Is Satan trying to stop you from accomplishing good in this world because you fear failing to make a difference?

I have an experiment for you.  Go to a mirror.  Think about what you fear more than anything.  Know that God is bigger than all your fears.  God can take away any fear if you let Him.  One with God means there is only Love, no fear.  Face your fear.  Look into that mirror – and smile.

Peace be with you.

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