Pharaoh’s Heart

Like the story of Abraham and Isaac that we have discussed before, there is another part of the Bible that I did not quite understand until I realized that I was also reading that passage wrong.

The story of how God hardened Pharaoh’s heart.  Now, if you read it the way I was taught then Pharaoh was just a guy and God hardened his heart so that He could show His glory.  Yet, that is not the God that I know.  God is Love and therefore would not do anything that was counter to that up to and including an ego stroking narcissistic act like hardening someone’s heart so that He looked cool.  So obviously I am reading it wrong.

Let’s delve a little deeper, like with the story of Abraham.  The key to understanding that passage is the same one that allows us to understand this one.  God allows.  God allowed Abraham to test himself so that Abraham knew he could accomplish what God said that he could.  God allowed Pharaoh to harden his heart against God.  And since Pharaoh had already hardened his heart past the point of no return, by hating the Israelites and anything to do with them including God, when God showed His power it hardened Pharaoh’s heart further.  Because now not only were the Israelites and everything they stood for hated, but now the God was showing His power, that would mean that Pharaoh was wrong as well.

God knew that when He showed His power, Pharaoh’s heart would harden against the Israelites and Him.  Therefore, God hardened Pharaoh’s heart.  Now, this begs the question.

Is He hardening your heart?  Or more accurately, are you hardening your heart against God and not allowing Him in?

Peace be with you.

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