Abraham and Isaac

You know, the whole “God is testing you” thing, never made sense to me until a few years ago.  It was then that I realized that God is not testing you.  We are reading it wrong.  God allows.

Let’s take the story of Abraham and Isaac as an example.  It says that God tested Abraham by commanding him to sacrifice his only son.  Basically, prove himself worthy.  God sent an angel to stop him before Abraham killed Isaac, but Abraham was willing to do it.  So, Abraham passed the test.

My problem is that God knows everything so there would never be a need to test anyone.  Also God is Love so why would He ask Abraham to kill his son?  The answer is easy when you think about it.   God was not testing Abraham.  God was allowing Abraham to test himself.

You see, God told Abraham that he would be the father of multitudes and that the world would be redeemed through him – his bloodline.   Now, God knew that Abraham, like anyone in that position, would have doubts thinking that he wasn’t worthy enough for God to do this through him.  So, God allowed Abraham to test himself.  Abraham needed to know – for himself, that he could do what God asked of him.  So the test wasn’t to test Abraham for God’s sake, it was to test him for his own sake.

So this begs the question.  In all the tribulations of your life, what is it that God trying to show you?  What are you not seeing?

Think about it.

Peace be with you.

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