There are so many prophets in the Old Testament and then there was John the Baptist, and then after Jesus came…. Nobody?  Some say that there were no prophets after Jesus.  I don’t believe that.  So the next logical questions are: Who are the prophets?  Where are the prophets?

We can’t find the prophets until we know who they are.  Well, a prophet is a person that is an inspired teacher or proclaimer of the will of God.  Hmm.  If that is a prophet, then we should be able to find these people pretty easy.

Catholics, when you were baptized the priest anointed you with Chrism oil.  When he anointed you, he said that he anoints you as priest, prophet and king.

Priest: We are all kingdom priests, not THE priest which is only Jesus.  Jesus is the only bridge between humanity and the Divine.  Not a ministerial priest which is the clergy, but kingdom priest.  So that you can fully participate in the Mass.  You are called to foster holiness in yourselves as an example to lead people to Jesus.  You are also called to holiness for yourself so that through Divine Grace you are made whole. We need to pray constantly.  We need to strengthen our relationship with God.  If you do not cultivate this holiness, this relationship, are you just salt that has lost it’s flavor?

We will skip prophet for the moment.

King: We are also called to be kings, not THE King which is only Jesus.  But what are kings? Kings direct their people to a particular purpose.  In this case the purpose is a closeness to God.  How can you direct people towards a closeness with God?  By planting the flag of your kingdom.  When people says it’s fine to kill babies, Stand up.  When people say that sexual perversions are “it’s all good”, Stand Up.  When people relegate God to being a choice of the ignorant and the silly, STAND UP!  What is a king but a general and a soldier?  The Protestants have a song called Onward Christian Soldiers.  You might want to check it out.  If you don’t stand up as a king, then are you saying that God is not your strength?

Now, let’s talk about prophets.

Prophet: Prophets declare the Will of God.  What is the Will of God?  The Truth.  We are all called to witness to the Truth.  What is the Truth?  We can’t declare it until we know it.  We need to study, use our intelligence, and research.  Pick up that Bible.  Read the lives of the Saints as a teaching of how God has worked in the lives of your older brothers and sisters.  Read good books by Augustine, Ignatius, or even C.S. Lewis.  Study.  Fill yourself with God’s light so that it can shine forth in this darkening world.  If you don’t are you just a lamp under a bushel basket?

As Catholics we are anointed to do this.  This is a gift.  If you are not Catholic, you too need to act as priest, prophet and kings yourselves, in your love and witness to Jesus Christ.

Who are the prophets?  Where are the prophets?  Right here.  It’s you.

Peace be with you.

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