Miles 1100 – 1105

Hey guys, welcome to Following Him!

You moving down this road is like visiting the past.  How many times have you made this journey?  So many times, they almost blur together.  Only a few you can remember with significance.  All of them surrounded Jesus.  You remember going down to visit Elizabeth when Mary was first pregnant.  You remember heading to Bethlehem where Jesus was born.  You remember heading back to Nazareth after being in Egypt.  You remember how Joseph and Mary kept a closer eye on Him after He had remained behind at the Temple.  And you remember heading down last year and all that has happened since.  These are good memories.  All memories associated with Jerusalem are good memories.  It is a charmed place, nothing bad could ever happen there!

Enjoy your walk.

Peace be with you.


If you would rather be “Following Him” on Alexa try the following steps:

If you own an Amazon smart speaker, like the Echo or Echo Dot, you can listen to Following Him!

First you need to enable our Skill. Here are easy ways you can do that:

  1. Say, “Alexa, enable the Following Him” Or Visit the Skills section of your Alexa Smartphone App and search for “Following Him.”
  2. After you have enabled the Skill, listen to Following Him just by saying Alexa, open  Following Him.”

Or on YouTube:


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