Law of Exposure

The Law of Exposure says that the more you are exposed to something the more that you incorporate it into your life.  It is an actual scientifically proven that the brain chemistry changes with repeated exposure to certain stimuli.  For instance, say you love to watch slasher films, okay.  So, watching a lot of slasher films, you become desensitized to it.  The first murder on screen is horrific and by the end you are like, “Yeah, whatever, just die already.”  It changes you.

What about language?  When I watched Boondock Saints, the first F-bomb kinda took me by surprise but with every line having the F-bomb dropped once if not multiple times by the end of the movie I really didn’t notice.  And I dropped the F-bomb myself in talking with the person who saw it with me after the film. It changes you.

What about world views?  Everybody is all about Game of Thrones.  I saw a couple of episodes but you know I didn’t like it and I will tell you why.  Every few minutes there is some kind of perverted sex or gratuitous violence usually both.  All of they do is punish the noble hero characters and reward the treacherous.  People keep telling me, no it’s all about the story.  There is not story there!  It is like watching an indoctrination film to Hell.

What you take in changes you.  It’s like you can’t expect to be healthy if all you take in are cookies, doughnuts and soda.  The same goes for your entertainment.  People ask me what I like to watch.  Sorry to say, but I usually avoid anything marked a Christian or Catholic film because the writing, directing, acting or all of the above is pretty poor.  Don’t give me hate, I said usually.  What I like to watch are old films, Wonderful Life, or Gunsmoke, or any other film where the good guys win because they are God loving virtuous people, and the bad guys either transform or meet their just rewards.  There are some new films like that but few and far between.

All I am saying is ask yourself, “Does this film take me farther away from my relationship with God?”  “Does it bring me closer?”  “Are these characters people I would like to be like?”  Think about it.

Peace be with you.

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