The Deer’s Cry

Today is real quick.  I just wanted to share with you my favorite morning prayer.  It is called the Deer’s Cry and it is attributed to Saint Patrick.

For my shield this day I call upon Heaven’s might, Sun’s brightness, Moon’s whiteness, Fire’s glory, Lightnings swiftness, Wind’s wildness, Ocean’s depth, Earth’s solidity and Rock’s immobility.  This day I call to me God’s strength to direct me, God’s power to sustain me, God’s wisdom to guide me, God’s vision to light me, God’s ear to my hearing, God’s words to my speaking, God’s hand to uphold me, God’s path way before me, God’s shield to protect me, God’s legions to save me: from the snares of demons, from evil enticements, from the failings of my own nature, from one man or many, that seek to destroy me, anear or afar.  Amen.

Peace be with you.

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