Training vs. Working Out

Some of us have been doing the Following Him walk.  And I invite you to jump onboard if you haven’t started yet.  You can join at any time.  Now, I – of all people, know that it is insanely hard to keep motivated to workout.  But the Following Him Walk is not a workout.  It is training.  A workout is something that you do.  Training there is a goal.  You are trying to reach a certain goal by the end. If you are working out because it will be healthy you will probably fail.  Healthy is a spectrum not a goal.  With Following Him we are in training.  Our goal is to be closer to Him.  Our goal is to be to reach the place of the Ascension.  Our goal is to get where we are called to be.

The body is important to God, as we have already discussed.  You know that God sees you in everything you do.  You know that He responds to you with everything you do.  Use the body you have been given in His service.  To do that you have to be strong.  To do that you have to train. I invite you and all of your family and friends to join us in our training.

Peace be with you.

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