If you have been watching this channel you know I do not think much of fasting as a form of prayer.  God does not want you to suffer, He loves you.  That being said, I have felt myself feeling drawn to the idea of fasting more and more.  Jesus said basically that great faith can only be achieved through prayer and fasting.  So anyway, I wanted to start fasting but every time I tried I get sick, with the shakes and migraines within the first day.  So I wanted to figure out a way to fast that doesn’t make me so ill that the pounding in my head and shakes are all that I am thinking about.  The Catholic Church says that fasting consists of two small meals and one normal meal per day whereas the normal meal is not larger than both small meals combined.  Cool.  My family fasts every day.  We just aren’t big eaters, except when we exercise a lot and then we graze all day.   And I have a tendency to skip breakfast because – not hungry.

So being the researcher that I am, I looked it up.  I have found two things on the internet.  The first says that someone like me should not fast, because both the shakes and the headaches are caused by extremely low blood sugar which could be dangerous especially if you start throwing up.  Awesome.  The second says, drink lots and lots of water that way you don’t feel hungry because your stomach is full.  This is not helping.  I want to fast!

No.  I want to do what Jesus said would be a good thing to do.  So, how to do fast?  I think I will fast like the Catholic Church suggests yet change it to be correct for me.  The two small meals – don’t think of what is considered a small meal by everyone else but what would be a small meal for me.  The same goes for a normal meal – not normal for everyone else but normal for me.  And here is the big part.  I mindfully and intentionally eat less on those fasting days, making sure I keep in the front of my mind, my prayers and my heart why I am doing it.

Well, that’s what I got.  If anyone else can contribute to this Idea, let me know.

Peace be with you.

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