Keys to Happiness

Nobody seems to know what that is anymore.  Being moral is not easy.  Do what’s right not what’s easy.  Actually, doing what’s right is what’s easy.  Actually, it is the easiest in any situation.  I told this to someone once and they said.  No, that’s wrong.  It’s easier not to be faithful to your spouse than it is to be faithful.  I disagree.  You are presented with an opportunity to cheat on your spouse.  Is that the easiest thing to do?  NO, not even close.  If you cheat, then you have to lie about it.  Then you have to remember your lies so that you don’t get caught.  Then you have to deal with guilt.  What if that cheating turns into an affair?  Then you have to worry about both your spouse and the person you are having the affair with.  Everyone has feelings. You think the one you are having the affair with doesn’t mind being shoved aside when you need to be with your spouse?  What if the affair produces a child?  And the complications roll on and on and on.  The moral thing, the easy thing – is just to the right thing.

God gave us the rules to a happy life, an easy life.  Most people call them the 10 Commandments, I call them God’s Keys to Happiness.

Do not have other gods – because He is the only One.

Do not make idols –  because material things will pass away while He with you always.

Do not use My Name in vain – because His Name is not a curse and can never be.  Do not curse each other, Love each other.

Remember the Sabbath Day and keep it Holy – because as He rested on the last day of the week, so should you.  We need time together with God if we are to be whole and healthy.

Honor your father and mother – because they should be the worldly representations of how God loves you.  Treat them as you would have your children treat you.  Parents need to love your children as God have loved you.

Do not kill one another – because God did not give you life so that you might take the gift from another or yourself.  He has reasons for every person that has come into being.  It is not for you to know why or when they have accomplished what they are on the earth to do.  Therefore, let everyone fulfil their own meaning in life.

Do not commit adultery – because when you are married in God’s Eyes, you have intertwined your very souls with each other.  You become one soul, one flesh.  Anything less than that is a lie to yourself and the other people who love you.  There is a difference between making love and having sex.  Making love leads to joy, while just having sex is a lie and therefore can only end in misery.

Do not steal from one another or covet what another has – because things of this world pass away, to take or envy wastes the precious time you have on this earth to accomplish the meaning of your life.

Do not lie to each other or yourselves – because it will only bring you despair.  Lies come from fear.  Fear is the opposite of Love.  Do not choose fear but choose Love.  Sometimes the truth will be hard, but the truth is love and love is always the right choice.

I encourage you to make the right chooses.  Make the moral choice.  Make the easy choice.

Peace be with you.

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