God in the Ordinary

For most of us, we don’t live in God’s pristine nature.  We live in urban sprawl.  It’s not our environment, the traffic, the gangs, the crime, that is our stumbling block to our salvation.  We can feel just as close to God here as we can on a mountain top.  It is all in how you look at it.

Think about a satellite view of your city.  All the roads.  Lines running in and out, over and under, round and round.  See how the intertwining of our very city, roads, freeways,  above ground parts of the subways all intertwining in the merging just like the physical and the spiritual, the seen and the unseen, the Creator and His creation.  Our entire urban world can be seen as a representation of how each of us is a part of a greater whole; how every soul is intertwined with every other one and with the pattern of God’s creation and thereby God himself holding us as part of the infinite.

What about doors – aren’t these just thresholds?  Thresholds like the ones between life and death.  What about high rises?  Have you ever taken an elevator to the top of some tall building?  And you stand there between the streetlight and the star.  Below is the pulsating life of the world and above is the heavens (literarily speaking).

Ever walk over a sewer grating?  Yeah, I even find sewer gratings spiritual, remember it’s all in your perception.  The sewer where all the refuse, is flushed away.  Look at it as a flowing stream of the unknown, actually in this case a stream of rather not known.  This stream of negativity is flowing from here, taking the corruption and the evil, cleansing your world.  Just as God cleans your soul with forgiveness.

I would like you to see God’s hand in the ordinary today.  Just try – it’s not as hard as you think.

Peace be with you.

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