Soul Friends

First of all, what is a soul friend?  It has two meanings.  One, it means literally friend of your soul.  It is someone who looks out for your soul, tries to teach and guide you, help you along your true path.  The second meaning is soul mate.  While you can have many soul friends of the first meaning, there is only one of the second meaning.  The second meaning is a intertwining of the souls that no one can separate.  It is a marriage.

Now, the importance of soul friends. I will talk about the first kind because we all know the importance of the second kind.  Hopefully, I have been your soul friend, of the first kind up until now. And hopefully in the future.  I sincerely want to be your soul friend.  To guide you.  To provoke you to debate.  To give you reason to think about your spiritual life.  To lead you, as far as is possible towards your ultimate goal of oneness with God or Heaven.  I want this blog to be a place of soul-friends, to support each other, be there for one another and help us all to get to our goal – to be one with God.


Peace be with you.

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