God Wants to Purify Your Heart

We have talked a lot about how God is Love.  We have talked about how unselfish His Love is.  How, True Love doesn’t need to be loved in return – it is not that selfish. True Love only wants that Love to be accepted.  This pure and true love that God has for us, He wants us to have it as well.

Now most of us want to love God but we struggle with sin.  Sometimes we choose God and sometimes we falter.  Up and down.  Up and down.  But if we stick with it God gives us the gift of knowing that He is real and that He is there.  This is a miracle.  But after that even if we remain faithful we still feel like we are struggling towards God in desolation.  Sometimes we feel that there is no hope and there is no heaven.  All that was spiritually good is gone.  This is what is called the Dark Night of the Soul.  In this spiritual desert, God is purifying our love for Him.  We must still choose God in this what seems to be a never ending darkness.  And when we do that we come to find that in this darkness we are no longer being faithful to God out of duty, nor out of fear of hell, nor out of selfishness of for heaven.  We find that when God has taken away our perception of all of these gifts that we love Him anyway.  We give Him our love because we just want Him to have it.

Peace be with you.

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