Here There Be Dragons Conclusion

In these past weeks we have tried to slay the dragons of our ego, to deny our very selves so that we can be better people and closer to God.  We slayed the dragons of thinking that you were superior or inferior.  We’ve slain the dragons of being offended when the world is not about you.  We’ve destroyed the dragon that told us that we need to complain about what we don’t have and worry about our material desires.  We’ve said goodbye to the dragons of grief and false sacrifice.  And we have eliminated the dragon of illusion because we have opened our eyes to the fact that we are never separated from God or His creation.

The death of the ego is considered a goal in many religions but it is nowhere near the end of the race for Christianity.  It is closer to the beginning.  And even as we continue the race towards the goal of being the person God wants us to be, to show Him how much we love Him back, we need to constantly be vigilant about the ego creeping back in.   Those dragons are sneaky.  Stay alert.  Keep your eyes on the prize.  And we’ll talk again soon.


Peace be with you.

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