Here There Be Dragons Part 4

Now that the next dragon of ego to slay is grief.  Grief about loved ones you’ve lost.  Grief about wasted pieces of your life.  Grief over the loss of career.  Grief over any loss you have to let go.  How?  Choose Love, Divine Love.

Once you open your heart to love the grief goes away and the acceptance of your loved one has never left you, that this finite life is nothing compared to eternity, that what you do for a living is not who you are to God.

You have to choose love.  Most people do not act like they realize that God has given you that choice.  You can choose Him or not.  To really truly choose Him you have to realize that you are not separate from God.  God lives within you.  God is not assessing your worthiness.  He loves you.  Love Him back by doing everything in your power to be worthy, to show Him how much you love Him.  Actions don’t get you to Heaven.  There is nothing that you can do to get to Heaven on merit alone.  Only by Grace can we get there.  So stop trying to impress God and man with your deeds.  Stop lying about who you really are and start treating Him with love, just as He has treated you with love.  When you love someone nothing is a sacrifice, it is natural.  This brings up another point.  Christians seem to be stuck on the idea of sacrifice.  They must sacrifice for God.  I could be wrong, but I don’t think so.

When you were a little kid and one of your friends fell on the playground and you went over to see if he was okay, was that a sacrifice?  Did you consciously think, ‘I am sacrificing my play time to go and check on my friend’?  No!  Of course, you didn’t!  If that friend was really injured and you had to help him get back to the teacher or his house or whatever, did you consciously think, “I am now sacrificing my strength and my time to help my friend”?  No, you did not.  God doesn’t want sacrifice, He wants you to do the right thing because you want to.  You need an attitude change.  Jesus already made the biggest sacrifice that could ever be made.  The Sacrifice that ends all sacrifices.  There is no need for sacrifice but attitude change.  Help your friend without thinking about yourself.  Do what is right naturally.  Make the right choices.  How?  Ask God.  He knows.  Pray.  Meditate.  Bring yourself in alignment with Him – not the other way around, that will never work.  It’s not about sacrifice but surrender.  Let yourself go.  Just choose Love, Divine Love.


Peace be with you.

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