Here There Be Dragons Part 3

The next dragon of ego to slay?  Stop Complaining and be Grateful.  We’ve already spent a lot of time on Gratitude.  Those of you new to this blog might want to do the series “Praying by Moonlight – 28 days of Gratitude.”  And since we have spent so much time talking about everything that we are grateful for let’s focus in on it’s evil twin complaining.

You see when you complain, you are in essence saying that you are separate from all that is missing in your life.  You are separated from what you most desire.  The truth is, when you complain and say that “if only I had this, I would be happy” or “It’s not my fault I don’t make as much money as so and so.  They have better contacts”.  All these trivial things are just that, trivial.  I am not saying don’t strive for anything.  What I am saying is what are you striving for?  Learn to be content with the material world – it’s temporary.  Once you let go of all of the strife for the latest and greatest gadget or to be rich and famous you will find that the Lord is your shepherd and you shall not want.  You should always be striving to be closer to God because He is where real peace is.  He is where you can be content.  Socrates once said, The less a man needs the closer he is to the Divine.


Peace be with you.

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