Here There Be Dragons Part 2

How to let go of your ego – Stop being offended.

People are so easily offended now!  What the entire world says or does, is not about you.  You are not the sun and the world does not evolve around you.  So quit acting like it does.  Quit taking everything personally, when it has nothing to do with you.  Everyone see things from their point of view, so don’t get upset when they don’t see the world the way you want them to.

For example, there was a video having Native American’s overturning a Thanksgiving’s Day table proclaiming that it is not their Thanksgiving.  Well, news flash – Thanksgiving is not about you and nobody was thanking you.  What Thanksgiving is about is being grateful to God.  Native Americans’ are now saying that Thanksgiving Day is a day of mourning.  A day of mourning from a celebration that brought people together in their mutual gratitude for all they had.  They were friends.  So overturning a Thanksgiving table not only makes you ungrateful but referring to it as a day of mourning spits in the face of your ancestors and makes you a racist.   See what happens when you think everything is about you?  Where is God in all this hate talk about Thanksgiving, I wonder?  Isn’t this His holiday?

Another example, people are getting offended if a white child wears a Chinese outfit or other cultural clothing for Halloween.  Why?  Don’t other cultures have dead people?  Aren’t we remembering and honoring the dead?  Since when is remembrance and honor offensive?  When people first started taking offense of everything during Halloween a few years ago, and since I routinely get over a hundred trick or treaters, I was wondering how it would play out with the children.  I was very happy to see a little Latina girl dressed as Mulan, a Chinese boy dressed as a Medieval knight, and the cutest little Arabian cowboy ever.  Kids don’t take offense.  Why should you?  There is no such thing as cultural appropriation.  Appropriation means it was stolen and you no longer have it.  Now, was I offended that the Arabian child, or Chinese child were wearing costumes from my culture?  No!  Halloween is about remembering the dead.  So why take offense?

Everyone is walking on eggshells because everyone is suddenly offended by everything.  Be bold, be brave – let it go!  Stop looking for faults like there’s some kind of a reward for it.  There isn’t!  Let go your ego and stop being offended because it’s not about you.


Peace be with you.


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