Here There Be Dragons Part 1

How to let go of your ego, to deny yourself?  Stop being superior. You are not what you own.  You are not what you have achieved. You are not what others think about you.  It is amazing that people identify with  – I’m a Porsche owner.  I’m a doctor.  I have twenty bazillion followers.  These things do not make you superior, actually the opposite.  They make you inferior if you use them as a way of saying “look at me see how important I am”.

Don’t go acting all “better than” because of what objects you have or what credentials that you achieve or how many people hit a little heart image under your name.  All of those go away faster than you get them.  Remember God has given you these things for a reason.  What is it?  Are you smart?  What should you do with that?  Are you rich?  What should you do with that?

You are not superior.  Everyone has talents, and everyone has something about them that God loves.  Since you are not superior, the entire world will not go your way.  You can’t have it your way so stop trying to control everything.  God has control of everything.  He knows what He’s doing.  Let it go.

So next time you pray how about something don’t control it.  Instead of saying, “Dear God please get me this job.”  Instead pray, “Thank you God for letting this situation work out for the best.”  You will amaze yourself at how relieving that is.  Get rid of your fear and know that God has a plan and it will work out.  No fear!  Let it go!

So stop being superior And its twin – stop being inferior. Get rid of self-blame and the guilt.  Get rid of the shame of being disappointed in yourself.  You will make mistakes – that’s how we learn.  Learn from them and move on.  Ask forgiveness.  It’s not that hard.  Jesus said that God will forgive you anything.  So you already know what your the answer will be!  Repent.  Accept your forgiveness.  And let it go!  If you need more help with this one refer back to Praying by Moonlight Week 3.  LINK.

No one is superior or inferior – we are the way God made us for a reason.  Maybe you are disabled so that you can find a cure.  Maybe you not that bright to allow others an opportunity to help.  Maybe it’s not about you at all.  Let go of the ego that says that it is.


Peace be with you.

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