It is interesting that we all find the idea of an adventure exciting, but actually going on one – painful, stressful, yeah, not so great.  But like all painful, stressful things, these are the things we talk about – forever.  For example: We go to church every Christmas Eve.  Do I remember each one, individually?  No, not at all.  Why?  They weren’t adventures!

I do remember the one after our son was born.  We got there and it was standing room only.  We were squished in the back next to the door.  It was cold, and squished and my knees where aching from standing.  Every time someone opened the door, which was a lot, it was like everyone in the world was late for this mass, cold wind blew in and woke our son up making him cry.  We tried to move.  We tried to block the wind.  People around us just kept giving us dirty looks.  I was getting upset then one lady actually hissed, “Can’t you keep that brat quiet!” and I was mad and said, “It’s not his fault, it’s the cold!”  Yay, lots of Christmas love at that Mass.  By the time the priest was giving his homily there was silence.  Then someone opened the door again, our boy got cold, woke up and started crying.  We were trying to comfort him, and again everyone gave us dirty looks, and the priest stopped what he was saying and told everyone, “Listen!” Our son was just wailing!  It was the only noise in the church. We were now getting dirty looks from what felt like EVERYBODY in this overpacked Mass.  The lady who had commented earlier looked smug.  And then the priest smiled and said, “That is the sound that Mary and Joseph heard this very night.  We are so blessed to have a baby with us tonight!”

Adventures, small or big are what makes us grow.  It’s what wakes us up.  When we push the envelope, just a little, we discover more of God’s love.  It’s just that with adventures, we don’t realize God’s love until we make it through to the other side.  During your adventure, you feel cold, squished and miserable.  After you were just cold and squished and what a sacred sign of God’s love!  We need to have the attitude during the adventure.  You can be cold, squished and miserable or you can be cold, squished and blessed, your choice.  Look at life more from God’s perspective.  See things for what they really are.  See the LOVE.

Start by saying to yourself, isn’t it wonderful that (insert bad thing here – we are cold and squished and everybody is mad at us) because now I can (see God’s love – our son cried just as baby Jesus cried, what a Christmas gift!).  You have to be open to seeing them as a blessing.  Your life is an adventure – see it that way.

Peace be with you.

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