What is Normal?

Society says that normal is defined by what everyone thinks is acceptable.  If a society finds it normal to say that everyone should have two heads, does that make it right?  Should we all go and have another head surgically attached?  Just because everyone does it doesn’t mean it’s normal and does not make it right.  I have talked to many people about certain movies or books and I have said, well I liked it, but there was just too much sex in it for me, or there was too many people doing drugs, or the violence was just gratuitous and gross, or, or, or.  And every time that I have said this, most, not all, most people agree with me and then say, “Well yeah, I thought so too but that’s the way it is.  It’s normal.”  By societies definition – it’s not normal if most people thing that it is not.  So why are people telling us it’s normal?  Because those people are trying to say that normal is right.  They are trying to influence you to believe that sleeping around, doing drugs and God knows what else, is okay – because everyone else is doing it.

One: No everyone is not doing it.  Two: Not everyone thinks that it is normal.  Three: it’s not right just because a few people in the media are telling you it’s normal.  I have a new definition of normal for you.  Normal is God’s will being done on Earth as it is in Heaven.  Shouldn’t that be normal?  Shouldn’t right be normal, instead of everyone saying your weird or odd for doing what you know to be right?  Don’t go by society.  Society, especially now a days with the mass distribution of media, should not tell you what to think.  It should be told.  A few people in Hollywood, or New York should not tell you what is normal and what is right.  They are a teeny little percentage of the world and their opinion should not matter more than your own.  It should not matter more than God’s.

Be bold.  Be brave.  Do what is right and don’t hide it.  Let’s make a new normal.  If you are in high school and you are doing what is right and not sleeping around but waiting for marriage, don’t lie or nod and smile when people are talking about sleeping around.  Yes, people will think your weird, until there are enough of you that you stop being the silent majority.  Because, by the way we are the majority.  Let’s be brave and say it, instead of shutting up so that the vocal minority won’t think we are weird.

Peace be with you

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