The Closeness of the Otherworld

People always talk about the Otherworld, this world and the next, etc.  But it is much closer than that.  You have heard of passing through the veil, the transition between this world and the next.  It is even closer than that!  The next world, the spiritual world is as close as knowing it is there.  It is as close as prayer.  In prayer and meditation, you are transported spiritually to the next world.  Have you ever been praying and then open your eyes and for a split second you are confused about where you are?  That is because you were not in this world!

Remember this!   This is not all that there is, and this is not even close to the most important of the two worlds.  You are not of this world, so it should not surprise you that it is so easy for you to visit home. It is good for you to get away from this place of learning and striving.  Besides your Father enjoys it when you come home to visit.

Peace be with you

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