We are Lost

This may be unpopular but we are lost.  People there are only two genders.  Just because a girl likes to do what is traditional for men in a particular society doesn’t make them a man trapped in a woman’s body, or the other way around.  You are a person; your likes and dislikes are yours.  I don’t like dresses, or shopping for shoes – does that make me transgender?  Absolutely not!  So, what is a real woman or real man?  Don’t know?  You see, I blame society for confusing the gender roles so much that it is odd to know what that truly is.  I blame women for men not feeling like men. Women believing what media tells them, have taken that away being a man from them. We do not allow men to pull out our chair for us, or hold a door. Women are adrift as well. We need to return to the hunter-gatherers. Men were hunters and women were gatherers. Men feel displaced, and useless – because they need to hunt! Women are feeling it too with the “spending addiction” that a lot of women have, and the hording of personal items like shoes. Society is saying no, you should not be a man or a woman. But this denial is destroying our self-worth. It is causing many of our addictions, depression and self-loathing.  You look in the mirror and say I am not who I should be – and you don’t know what that is.  Don’t go by society!  They are too busy telling you that you’re ugly, you’re old, you’re fat, you’re poor, so that they can sell you something.  They are trying to make you think that any depravity is a good idea so that you fall further away from the truth and therefore they can sell you something to make it better.  Don’t go by them!

God told man that he should work, and woman that she should help him.  Simple!  Guys this is simple!  Many of you were not raised by stay at home moms.  And those that did have stay at home moms were taught that their moms were wasting their lives loving and caring for you instead of going out and making money.  Really?  Society is telling people to care about and for your loved ones makes you a useless person? How did this happen?

We need women who are secure enough in their femininity that they can be stay at home moms.  We need men who are secure enough in their manhood to take on the traditional role as the sole provider.  We need families back!  Not more money to by more things to make our lives even emptier. We need real men and real women not even more blurring of the lines and a higher suicide rate.  Some countries the suicide rate of post op tans surgery is as much as 50%, because after the trans-surgery they find they are still not happy.  Don’t let society make your decisions.

Men be gentleman.  Act like you should.  Act like real man.  Understand that being a man brings value to the world by helping others, using your strength to lift others up, not tearing others down.  Jesus was a real man.  Jesus used His strength to let people cry on His shoulder.

Woman be ladies.  Act like you should.  Be real women.  Understand that being a woman brings value to the world by supporting your loved ones, not trying to change them.  Be there for them, in a nurturing, comforting way.  Ladies have gotten a bad connotation by society because it equates ladies with vacuous, 19th century ideals of etiquette.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Mary was a real lady.  She was secure enough in her femininity to say that she didn’t matter as much as doing God’s Will.  She wasn’t a victim.  She was courageous and respectable.

Don’t go by society.  Go by God.  He knows what He is doing.

Peace be with you.


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