Releasing the Past

You’ve probably been told that you should let go of the past, usually bad things that you have done or was done to you.  You have to learn from it and let it go.  You’ve heard that you need to let these bad things go, but have you heard that you also need to let the good things go?  I think you need to do that too.  Learn from it, let it live in your heart and let it go.

I came to this conclusion when going through some old books.  I trained to be an Archeological Art Historian.  I got my doctorate in it.  Needless to say it was a big part of my life.  But as I was going through the books, I came to find that… that is not who I am anymore.  When I went to get rid of the books everyone was confused that I wanted to get rid of them.  I was told, “You can’t donate those.  You are a doctor – those are so important to you!”  And they were.  But they aren’t anymore.  I have no feelings for that anymore at all.

It’s not that it is a bad thing, it’s just that I have changed.  I am not that same person.  The person who worked so hard to get that knowledge, who pursued that degree, who loved the stories of the past, that person made me who I am.  Just like all of the terrible stuff that has happened to me has also made me who I am.

You see, it’s not the bad memories or the good memories, your past is just that, your past.  We can’t hold onto it and we shouldn’t.  Why keep looking at your past when you are not going that way?  I’ve changed.  You’ve changed.  We all change.  The one constant in the physical universe is change.  Donate those old books with a smile knowing that you are better for having learned from them.

You can’t fight change and you shouldn’t.  Change is a sign of growth.  I hope to continue to change and become better.  I want to be closer to God.  I want to be a better person to show God how much I love Him.  I can’t do that by hanging on to my past and pretending to be the person I was.

Peace be with you.

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