Running Out of Time

We talked about letting go of the past.  Now we have to talk about letting go of the future – after a fashion.  Almost everyone you talk to is running out of time.  Their too busy.  They don’t have time for this or that.  They are running out of time.  They are running out of time. They are running out of time.

All you have it now.  God never gave you a guarantee about tomorrow.  He even said as much – several times.  Let the future go.  Now, I am not saying don’t put money into your 401k or plan that vacation – don’t get me wrong.  That is not what this is about.  What I am saying is just as the past can rob you of now, so can the future. If you spend every waking moment trying to build those barns when our lives could be demanded of us at any moment, you’ve missed the point of your life.  You could be perfectly healthy and then get hit by a bus.  We don’t know – so we need to stop acting like we do.

How do you get your present back?  First, realize where you are and what you are doing.  Even if you are just sweeping the kitchen floor.  Don’t let your mind go over the vast To Do list in your head.  Do one thing at a time.

Second, be patient.  You are not running out of time, you are running out of patience.  To every thing there is a season as it says.  Quit thinking about what is coming next, think about what is happening now.  Pay attention, not to what hasn’t happened yet but to what is happening.  I know many people who worked long hours to give their children a better life and the children were basically credit card orphans.  Credit cards are not what they need.  They need your time and your love.

Third, don’t worry about tomorrow.  Jesus said as much.  Today has enough worries for itself.  If you want that 401k or that vacation, yes, by all means put energy in that direction.  Have goals!  I do.  If you don’t put energy and time into those goals then they will never happen, BUT don’t sacrifice your now for it.  Don’t worry about it.  Do it, but don’t worry about it.  Set a little money towards that vacation and over time when you have the cash then do the planning.  Work towards your goal but be aware of what you are doing and why you are doing it.  Don’t rush it.  Things will happen when they happen.

Lastly, realize that God is with you now.  Right now.  Not just when you get your ducks in a row.  Not just when you have gotten everything you need to do done, but now.  Every moment can be a sacrament if you let God in.  Don’t worry and stress.  Know that you are never alone.  God is with you always and that means right this very moment.  Don’t miss out on that.

Peace be with you.

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