Everyday Retreat

Now, everybody dreams of going on a retreat. Having nothing to do but be with God.  Sounds awesome.  But who actually does it?  Who has the time?  When you do, don’t you just want to go on vacation?  Sometimes I used to dream of having that monastery kind of life.  Then I got to thinking… why do I have to go anywhere to do that?  I can do that right here!  All I had to do was make a schedule.

Now some of you may already have a schedule.  Get up.  Get to work.  Go home.  Sleep.  Repeat.  How can we tweek that?  First let’s set two alarms.  The first on will wake you up at least a half an hour before you have to get up.  You can now spend that half hour praying and meditating.  What a great way to start your day!  Then when you normal alarm goes off, you get up as normal.  When the monks are working, gardening, making honey – whatever their work of the hands is, they consider that a gift from God and do it to the best of their ability to show their appreciation.  Try that out.  At your lunch break don’t just grab something and eat at your desk.  Do part of your Following Him walk or pray/meditate or read your bible or go to mass or church or some other communion.  Some form of communion in the middle of the day is really key.  Then your next communion with God break is before you go to bed.  Do whatever you want to wind down with God before you sleep.  You can use any of the suggestions above.  This way you get to retreat every single day!

Peace be with you.

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