God’s Creation

There is a certain sacredness to the material world.  Pre-Christ Incarnation Religions have, as we discussed with the Druids, thought of the world as a being, sometimes divine, sometime not.  What they are seeing is the sacredness, the divine fingerprints of God in His creation.  Like everything that Jesus did, we see lessons not only in what He did but why He did it and what it means.  The same is true with God the Father, Creator of Everything.  We can also see lessons not only in what He made but why He made it and what it means.  When we discussed Druids before we talked about how trees teach us lessons.  We know that our physical side whose roots are in the earth, takes nourishment and grows from the earth but we must always reach like the branches towards Heaven.  There are many other things.  Everything can teach us.  The ancients believed that there were three or four elements, or life forces within the universe which we can use and learn from.  The Druids believed there were three, as with all sacred things.  They believed in fire, earth and fluid (air and water).  The Greeks, Romans and many others thought there were four.  Let’s look at each and what each has to teach us about God.

Earth.  It is stable and solid. We are made of the earth, just as Adam was made of the sacred Earth.  We are star stuff.  This oneness with the earth teaches us to take care of the world around us and trust in the steadfastness of God.

Air.  It flows all around unseen.  God showed us the wind of the Holy Spirit through the breath of life and the announcement of Pentecost.  It teaches us to realize that He is the air we breathe.  We cannot survive a moment without Him.

Fire.  It is dynamic and all consuming.  Just as the fires of the Holy spirit, physical fire teaches us that it is not for us alone that the fires of our spirits burn but to help others to light their own fires.  Are fire is not diminished but grows with the lighting of more fires.

Water. Water’s of baptism, waters of life.  Water has been used since man started to worship to show the purity of our devotion and God’s love.  Water teaches us that God has purifies us with the spring welling up within us with His water of Everlasting Life.

Everything was made by God.  Everything has a purpose.  Everything can teach us of Him.  Open your eyes, what do you see?  Open your ears, what do you hear?  Open your heart.  Do you feel God calling you when you stand in nature?


Peace be with you.

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