Humans Co-Creators with God?

I have heard this term a lot.  I disagree with it.  We are not Co-creators with God.  God makes stuff out of nothing.  We make stuff out of stuff.  God creates for the benefit of us all.  We create for the benefit of either ourselves or possibly other people.  I think the thing that gets me the most is the prefix Co.  Co is a prefix that means together or mutually.  When we create we do work with God in the re-arrangement of His Creation.  God made trees and gave us the intellect to use those trees to make houses.  All we do is rearrange.  We do not create anything.  You see using the term co-Creator starts a slippery slope which some people have already fallen down.  That is how it was with Eve – you could be like God knowing Good from Evil.  That is how the Tower of Babel started.  Think about it.  Quit trying to raise your worth by comparing yourself with God.  Instead, raise your worth by trying to be closer to Him.


Peace be with you.

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