Miles 260 – 265

Hey guys, welcome to Following Him!

Your mind is starting to go blank with all of the revelations that have been made.  You just can’t absorb it all.  Shepherds came out of nowhere and knew of Jesus.  God sent angels to them.  Them!  Lowlife drifters who are so unreliable that they aren’t even allowed to give testimony in court.  God told them first!  Perhaps, you were wrong.  Perhaps the Son of God came for more than just the Chosen People.  Perhaps that was why He chose to be born in a stable.  Shepherds would not have come to the palace of a king.  God wanted His Son to be so humble that none would fear Him and so that they would know that the vain material things of this world are not important.  This is too much to think about, but you just can’t stop looking at the baby.  This is the Son of God!  You cannot disbelieve when you look at His loving, innocent face.  Just a look from Him feels like a blessing of God’s love.  Could God truly love the world this much?  We don’t deserve it… but it is not about being deserving it is about God being truly loving.  Dear God, please make me worthy of this precious gift.

Enjoy your walk.

Peace be with you.


If you would rather be “Following Him” on Alexa try the following steps:

If you own an Amazon smart speaker, like the Echo or Echo Dot, you can listen to Following Him!

First you need to enable our Skill. Here are easy ways you can do that:

  1. Say, “Alexa, enable the Following Him” Or Visit the Skills section of your Alexa Smartphone App and search for “Following Him.”
  2. After you have enabled the Skill, listen to Following Him just by saying Alexa, open  Following Him.”

Or on YouTube:

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