Meaning of Life

“What is the meaning of life?”  We were created to spread more Love but what is the meaning to our lives?

Some say, “There isn’t one.”  Which translated means ‘I don’t care enough to think about it.’

Some say, “To do God’s Will.” Which reminds me of Thanksgiving when everyone is asked what they are thankful for and everyone lies and says what they think they are supposed to say.  No one truly knows God’s Will because His Thoughts are not our thoughts.  So this is not a meaning because you don’t know so you can’t do.  Also it implies that you are some drone or puppet of God, which is insanely far from the truth.

Some say, “It is up to the individual to give a meaning to his or her life.”  If you have to ascribe meaning to something then by definition it doesn’t have one.  It’s like a paper doll, a meaningless, worthless piece of paper.  Unless that paper doll was made by your great grandmother before she died and playing with it and her is one of your fondest memories.  The piece of paper has no meaning other than what is ascribed to it.  So this can’t be the meaning of Life.

So what is the meaning of Life?  Simple.  God.  God is the meaning of Life.  God is Life.  God loves you and wants you to find your way back home, to spread more Love in the world.  If you do that by being a great accountant for a tiny company, that is what you do.  If you do that by making sure there are meals on the table, that is what you do.  We all feel that we have a purpose in our lives that gives us meaning, however, we have to see that purpose as a vehicle to finding our way back to God.

God gave us all gifts, none greater than another.  All to help us fulfill our destinies.  Maybe your gift is to say the right words that comforts someone.  Maybe your gift is to find humor in tense situations.  Maybe your gift is being an Olympian so that you can have the skills to teach others.  None of these gifts are better than the others, but each is very different.

Find your gift.  What do you like to do?  If you could do anything without money, or fame or any other worldly trapping, what would you do?  What makes you truly happy, not just momentary joy?  Find your gift.  Your gift leads to you purpose.  Your purpose is your destiny.  Your destiny leads you to spread more love and find the Meaning of Life.

Use your gifts to find your way back to God, because He is the meaning of Life.

Peace be with you.


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