Why were We Created?

Sometimes you look around and think, “People!  What was God thinking!”  We’ve all been there.  People – sometimes you just want to smack ‘em!  God knows this feeling.  Jesus overturned the market place in the Temple.  He didn’t smack ’em though.  Go Him!

So why were humans created? Because of Love.  God is Love.  God is Love, a love so infinite that it must be shared.  In Love, God created all that is, in order to share His Love and allow the creation of even more Love.  This is a great mystery.

God created man in His own image, the image of Love. We are here to create Love, to spread it and multiply it!  That is why we were created, for Love.

So next time that ‘mommy’s little darling’ kicks you or that co-worker, you know who I’m talking about, says something to just irk you, remember we were created out of Love.  We are the image of Love.  So when people are acting like animals perhaps it is because we have forgotten our true nature.

Dear God, please help us to remember that we are all images of Your Love because…. it’s Monday.

Peace be with you.

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