National Greed Day

Welcome to my Black Friday rant!  It is out of control people!  People stay up so late to catch deals that they fall asleep at the wheel on the way home and cause fatal accidents.  People are spraying each other with pepper spray in order to get to the few items that are actually on sale.  Fights break out, and people are maimed for life. People lay dying from heart attacks have been stepped on and over so that people could get to deals. People have been stabbed, shot, and trampled to death just to be one of the first so that they can save a couple of bucks!  It’s greed!  Just plain greed.  It is a mockery to the Gift that is Christmas!

Now not only is Black Friday ruining Christmas but Thanksgiving as well as the store are opening late Thursday to get a jump on the crowd.  Thanksgiving, people!  The day we are supposed to be grateful to God for all that we have, not for grabbing for everything else!

What is wrong with our society that we think that this is okay!?!  The only Black Friday was two thousand years ago, people.  This mockery is just National Greed Day!

And I won’t stand for it!

Stand with me!  Do not shop on Thanksgiving or National Greed Day period!

You want deals later go online and show the brick and mortar retailers that it is not okay to put one single TV on sale just to watch the feeding frenzy.  That’s what they are doing.  If they were really having a sale there would more than just a few available.  They are pitting us against each other like some modern Gladiatorial arena.  I’m surprised Vegas isn’t setting odds and making bets.  Why are we letting retailers turn us into savages?

Christmas is not about the presents, and it’s time to remember that.  It’s not about putting a bumper sticker on your car saying ‘Jesus is the reason for the season’ and then elbowing someone in the face to get the latest ‘must have’ doll.  Who determines it is a ‘must have’ anyway?  Wasn’t me.  Were you consulted?  Tickle me Elmo was a ‘must have’ that started a feeding frenzy that would have scared off sharks and a month later you couldn’t give that piece of garbage away. Why are we letting retailers tell us what we need and want?

This Christmas try to remember what is important.  Push aside the advertising telling you what you want.  Throw away the lie that is National Greed Day.

Peace be with you.


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