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Following Him Board Game

The Following Him Board game is the fun family game for two or more teams of players.  Learn about the Life of Jesus while having lots of fun!  The game play teaches Miracles, Parables, and Events in Jesus’ Life from Conception to Ascension.  The more you learn the easier it is to win!



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Following Him Booster Pack for the Board Game

Want even more fun? Is Following Him the Board Game getting too easy for your group? This Following Him booster pack will expand your Following Him board game with 33 more cards! With this expansion almost every Event, Parable, and Miracle is included. Let’s play!

20181109_104134Buy Here:

Following Him Map

On the Following Him journey, wouldn’t it be nice to know where you are?  With this map you can reference it, draw your journey’s progress, or simply use it as inspiration to keep you Following Him!


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Following Him Tees

Show your fortitude in Following Him and invite others along with this colorful Following Him Tee! The two styles come in many variations from long sleeve performance tees to tank tops!


Capture1Buy This Style Here:



Buy This Style Here:


Falling in Love with God Journal

Ready for another Falling in Love with God Journal?  This was made especially for just that purpose!


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Peace be with You!

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