What is Love?

Love is not as Hollywood or romance novels would have you believe, some sudden, irresistible and instantaneous lust.  Lust is not love.  Nor is love the anything goes sexuality, that we have already discussed in the series “Praying by Moonlight”, see “Day 16”, so I won’t go into what is not love here.  But what is love?

Since God is Love, then Love is a special connection with God that you feel through another person.   The Holy Spirit lives within everyone, even those of us to deny it.  It is the Holy Spirit that gives us life, creates our soul.  When one soul calls to another this is love.  You can feel it when you look into the face of a newborn.  You can see it in the elderly couple holding hands.  You can hear it in the laugh of your best friend.  You can taste it in the birthday cake that was made by your mother just for you.  You can smell it in the sent of your soulmate’s neck when you hug.

Love is not just some chemical response, it is a deeply spiritual reaction.  Love is a little piece of God showing through your eyes when you look upon those you love.    It is a sweet, comfortable knowing that this is exactly the way it should be.


Peace be with you.

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