Just a quick note on Ghosts, Shadow People and Echos.  What are they and what is the difference?

First ghosts.  These are the spirits of the dead who come back to us.  Now, there are three kinds of ghosts.  Spiritual things always seem to be in threes.  Anyway, there are three kinds of ghosts.  The first are saints – dead people who are already in heaven but come back to help, sometimes with angels, sometimes not.  The second ghosts are the damned – but that is so extremely, extremely rare that they are almost not worth mentioning.  Sometimes these ghosts are confused with demons, but of course not the same. More likely than not it is a demon using the form of the damned.  And demons are easy enough to cast out.  The third are ghosts from purgatory.  These are confused or depressed, and just have not yet moved on.  Now as much as you want to, I cannot stress enough not to help them.  Sometimes demons also pretend to be ghosts from purgatory and slowly suck you in one teeny step at a time and if you do not know how to deal with it – leave it alone.  What you can do however is pray for them.  Always helps. Actually, it helps a lot!  It is we the Church Militant (us living on earth) are helped by the Church Triumphant (people in heaven) and we both help Church Penitent (people in purgatory).

Ghosts have a tendency to be confused with shadow people. Shadow People are not ghosts.  They are echoes of people.  Sometimes you see them like a shadow, moving along the hall or in the street.  Sometimes they actually look like people.  What they are – well it is like an ethereal rerun.   It was an emotionally charged event that gets somehow stuck replaying over and over.  No one is there.  It is not a ghost.  Some hauntings fall in this category, or in the category of Echoes.

Echoes.  Echoes are not shadow people but are such an emotionally charged event that the feeling stays in the place.  You can feel it in a lot of places, like battlefields can give you the feelings of fear and some churches can just give you a feeling of great joy.  Now, in nature some places are very holy, these are not Echoes these are gifts.  Thin places, places where the spirit world and the physical world meet, where you can feel the presence of God.

Peace be with you.

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