Age Phobia

You can’t help but notice the glut of anti-aging products on the market.  Nor can you ignore the flood of how to look younger tips and tricks.  Why is society so obsessed with looking younger?  Why are we so afraid of aging?

I don’t think it’s all just marketing and making money.  Because if they came out with a product that made you look twenty years older and said it was all the rage and absolutely everyone was using it.  Would people buy it?  I don’t think so even if they believed the hype.  I mean a couple of years ago twenty somethings were all dying their hair gray – yeah, that lasted a hot minute.

Well, I may be looking a little too deeply at it, I usually do.  But it seems to me to be just another symptom of a lack of faith.  We as a society are so age phobic because we no longer believe in God and Heaven.  If we did then we would celebrate getting older, because it would mean we were closer to death and going home.  A year older and closer to God!  But we don’t celebrate that.  Even as Christians, we don’t.  We want to be young.  We want to live forever.  Why!?!  If we stayed young and lived forever, then how would we ever go to Heaven and be with God.  That sounds like a straight up nightmare to me!

So before you run out for that hair dye or the latest anti-aging cream.  Think about it.  Why are you really doing it?  And don’t say to look your best because looking your best has nothing to do with anti-aging stuff being slathered on your face.  Do yourself a favor and really think about it. Please.

Peace be with you.

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