What if you knew you would die tomorrow?

Last year I had a medical freak out which turned out to be nothing.  But it got me to thinking.  What if I did die tomorrow – what would I be doing today?  We all know that we are not guaranteed a tomorrow, so why do we act like we do?

I was working at my job, hating it, blaming it for not being able to do what I wanted to do – when really, it had nothing to do with the job.  It was what I had turned the job into. It was what I had allowed my life to turn into.

I have always been one of those, don’t live with regrets – tell everyone that you love them, kind of people.  I didn’t think that a strange medical issue was going to be so intensely… liberating?  Apparently, I was living with regrets.  I was doing my job at work but I wasn’t.. fulfilling my life purpose?  Hard to explain.  I have always been an artist and writer.  Over the last few years that has taken a backseat to… well, life happening.  I had all these things I wanted to paint and all of these ideas I wanted to write.  I have written novels and non-fiction, had work in galleries and… and, then I just let it go.  It was my passion, my life purpose to spread God’s love, but instead I threw it away so that I could sulk and cry and whine about how I hate my job and how if something happened to the company that both my husband and I worked for we would be living in a cardboard box in an alley.  I was homeless when I was a child so, yeah, real fear.

Anyway, once I recovered from said, medical condition I started working on this blog, and everything else you see in the “Find Me” tab at the bottom of this page.  You see, I still work at that job but I am now also working at my “true purpose”.  I know that we have discussed in the past about “what you would give your life for” and I thought that my job was a good way of doing that.  It wasn’t… well not totally.  We need to follow the calling of our hearts, and live as God wants us to live.  It is different for each of us because God gave us each different and special gifts.

Think about it – How will you change your life right now?  There may not be a tomorrow.


Peace be with you.



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