I’ve been wondering why people don’t get married as much anymore?  I have heard several reasons for it and they seem lame to me.  Let me tell you why by answering the reasons.

“Over half marriages end in divorce anyway.”

One: That is an old wives tale.  As of 2011 only 3.6 marriages in a thousand end in divorce – that’s only 0.36%!  Go ahead and look it up.  I’ll wait.

Two: Not doing something because other people fail at it?  This is laughable!  Oh, I won’t get a job because some people get fired.  Oh, I won’t breathe because everyone who has ever breathed has died.  This reason makes no sense.

“Marriage is just a piece of paper anyway.  Besides we can just get a domestic partnership if we need to for legal reasons.”

Is government so prevailing, are we so entrenched in government bureaucracy that our spiritual decisions are based on legal paperwork?

One: it is a spiritual decision, not legal.  If you are upset with the legal paperwork, you should take it up with the government.  Since licenses are permission from a government to do something that would otherwise be illegal.  You need a license to carry a gun because otherwise it is illegal. Marriage is not illegal so why do we need the license? Maybe the government should stay out of our spiritual decisions.  So this is a political problem, not a spiritual one.

Two: Are you saying that you don’t love someone enough to do a little paperwork? Why are you even together?  This reason also makes no sense.

 “Marriage is out of style.”

Style?  Are we that superficial that we have to make spiritual decisions based on what everyone else doing?  Normalcy is self-denial.  If you deny yourself so that others won’t hate you, it is really just hating yourself.  That’s like committing suicide so that someone won’t kill you.  This reason also makes no sense.

“Too expensive for nothing.”

Don’t confuse the wedding with the marriage.  Everyone knows that you can have a very inexpensive wedding.  The reason people think that a wedding is expensive is because they want the big fancy wedding.  Weddings are not marriages!  They are the act of starting the marriage.  If this is what’s holding you back, then don’t have the big wedding now, have it on your 10th anniversary. This reason also makes no sense.

“We don’t need to prove to anyone we are committed to each other.”

No, you don’t.  But you do need to prove it to each other.  God marries you, not the government, not a specific ceremony, God.  This reason is saying that you don’t love each other enough to stand before God, who loves you both by the way, and declare your love for each other?  If that is true then you really don’t love each other.  This reason also makes no sense.

“Well, historically marriage made women property of her husband, and had nothing to do with love.”

That was then, this is now.  Slam the door and drive on. Do we not go to the grocery store because farmers used to be slaves of Kings?  This reason is just stupid.

“You don’t have to be married to have children.”

Obviously.  What’s your point? Do you think that getting married would be bad for the children?  Why is this an excuse? This reason also makes no sense.

“I want to keep my independence.”

So you are independent if you are in a relationship but if you are married to that same person you are no longer independent?  What do people think marriage is?  This reason also makes no sense.

“Being single doesn’t mean I’m alone.”

Actually, that is the definition of single.  In a relationship is not being single.  This reason is stupid.

“I haven’t found my soulmate.” 

Finally!  A reason that makes sense!  Thank you!!!

All of these reasons, well, except the last one, prove that people have forgotten what marriage is.  Marriage is the miraculous union of two souls, entwined forever by Love, which is God.  We need to remember that.

Peace be with you.

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