Christians Have To Change Their Focus

Why do we need to change our focus?  Because we are supposed to be spreading the Good News yet people are leaving Christianity in droves.  Why?  God loves them unconditionally.  Why would anyone ever want to reject that?  Let’s look at some of the reasons people leave Christianity a little more closely.

In all the people I have talked to, the overwhelming majority of people say they have left the Christian religion because:

  1. It made me feel guilty and judged.  Actually, God does not want you to feel guilty or judged but instead wants you to feel forgiven and unconditionally loved.  Jesus even flat out said that He did not come to condemn us in sin but free us from it.  We need to focus on what God asked us to focus on – we are freed from sin!
  2. The whole Bible thing is contradictory. Many people will swear to you that it isn’t , but yes, the Bible is contradictory because it is Sacred Scripture inspired by God but not written by God.  It was written by people.  People are flawed and they can only describe what God said from their point of view.  Add to that, it has been translated and edited, added to and deleted from, and re-translated and re-edited over the course of six thousand years.  If it didn’t have issues by now, I would be surprised.  That it still contains the truth, is truly a miracle. So don’t focus on a book, focus on God.
  3. God doesn’t exist.  I believe only in what is real.  What I can see and touch.  That’s logic and science.  Only believe what they can see and touch because that is logical, scientific and real?  What? – the senses that are so scientifically infallible?  If you were blind and had no sense of touch – is nothing real?  If you were on a mind altering substance is everything you see and touch real?  It is not logic and it is not scientific.  Science only answers the questions of ‘how’.  How hot is the Sun?  How come the sky is blue?  Religion answers ‘why’.  Why are we here?  Why do we die?  Science requires the scientific method, which does not deny God.  Lack of proof is not proof of lack.  That is logic and science.  But science changes the more we learn. God does not change.   So don’t try to change God to match the science of today.  Focus on God and not on our scientific constructs.  God is Love.  Love is real.  Hey, love even shows up on brain scans. Science and faith!
  4. Christianity is a patriarchal hierarchy that devalues women, allowing for God but not a Goddess.  Don’t confuse Christianity (the faith) with Christianity (the churches).  Many churches are very patriarchal and many are not at all, you simply can’t lump them all together.  Christianity (the faith) does have a God and a Goddess, though few Christians seem to realize it.  The Holy Trinity consists of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, the Mother (see more on this in the article “In Defense of the Virgin”).   You can see Her on old Medieval church mosaics and Renaissance sculpture.  Therefore, there is a Goddess, if you want to call Her that.  HOWEVER, you have to remember that God is ONE.  The Holy Trinity is only a construct that God gave us so that we could better grasp the concept of the Divine.  God is not male, nor female.  God is everything.  God is All.  The emanations that we perceive as Father, Mother and Son does not diminish the fact that God is One.  Whether we choose to call God, He or She, does not matter, but that we truly know God, does.  Don’t get bogged down in minutia that doesn’t matter.  Do not think of God like a puzzle that can be broken into pieces.  You could think of God more like… a cake – you can’t take the ingredients back apart. Again focus on God, the One, not people being sexist.
  5. Christians are hypocrites.  Well… a lot of Christians are hypocrites, no denying that!  And so is everyone else!  Like every religion, every group, and every gathering of people, there are those who say one thing and do another.  Sorry, folks that is the nature of our beast!  People tend to be hypocrites – Christians aren’t any different.  We want everyone to think we are good people.  But few actually try to change to be good people.  We care about how we are perceived instead of who we are.  We want to be accepted.  We all wear the masks of who we think we need to be depending on who we are with.  God already knows who you really are and He already accepts and loves you.  Strip off the masks and know that you are beloved. Focus on God, not everybody else. Then you will not have to say that you are a good person, you will be it already because you want to love God back.

People don’t believe in Christianity because Christianity is focusing on the wrong things!  This is the shift in focus we need!

The Old Testament was SIN! forgiveness.  JUDGEMENT! love.  When Jesus taught that it should be: sin. FORGIVENESS!  judgement.  LOVE!  Why keep pounding on the fact that we sinful and fail? Of course we fail, you can’t strive without failing.  God expects us to fail!  It is how we learn.  We don’t expect to be a master artist the first time we pick up a crayon so why do we think that God expects us to not make mistakes in our lives?  That is an unreasonable assumption.  We should put the emphasis where it belongs, on God and not on us.  God is FORGIVENSS, we are sinful.  God LOVES us unconditionally, we are the one fearing judgement.  Don’t consume yourself with your problems, consume yourself with God and the problems take care of themselves.  Don’t say, I’m just a miserable sinner.  Say, I am gratefully forgiven.

This type of emphasis on the less important parts of the Bible is one of the reasons that leads people to leave God and Christ, throwing it all away as if religion and the God were all one and the same thing.  Religion is a way to re-legion you with the Divine and if it does not, then it is not doing its job.  Christians do your job! 

Religion is of man, but faith is of God.  God is Love.  To throw away Love because of a pessimistic point of view of a group of people just destroys faith.

This is why we have to change our focus.  No one is hearing the Good News if all you do is emphasis the negative.

Here’s an even more radical thought: Maybe we should stop wearing crosses symbolizing His death but circles symbolizing not only the empty tomb and the never ending never beginning Love of God, but actually a circle is an “O” the first letter in the word ONE.  Just a thought.

Peace be with you.

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