Falling in Love with God – Gratitude

Have you been doing your “Falling in Love with God” journal/scrapbook/digital file?  In an effort to keep you going I have another idea for you.  How about a gratitude?  We’ve talked a lot about gratitude in the series of posts “Praying by Moonlight” but do you have a gratitude practice?  Perhaps when you get up in the morning spend a few minutes communing with God and include telling him what you are grateful for.  The news, social media, etc are really good at telling you what is going wrong and what to fear, spend some time each morning being grateful for what is right and knowing that God will make it all turn out for the better.  If it helps, you could have a running list in the back of your journal where you can list everything you are grateful to God for and when you are feeling down you can always read it to remind yourself.


Peace be with you.

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