Pray for Knowledge

Not too long ago, I said that the world had changed and ‘ask and it shall be granted’ has a whole new meaning.  If you did not read that article go to “Another way Jesus changed the world”.  Read it first and come back.  This article will still be here.

I meant what I said and I said what I meant.  However, now that we know we can ask for things and it will be granted, what happens when it’s not?  One thing people tend to forget.  God is not Santy Clause.  God’s existence in not based on giving you everything you want.  He is not your slave.  I don’t know how many times I have heard people say they didn’t believe in God because God didn’t do this or didn’t do that.  Who came up with the notion that God’s existence is based on your desires?  Again, God is not Santy Claus.  Just as you would not give your four-year-old a real gun no matter how many times he asks for one, God will not grant you your every desire.  It would not be good for you.

I know a guy who prayed and prayed for God to save his loveless marriage, while he was in love with and having an affair with another woman.  He ended up getting a divorce and has been happily married to this other woman for decades and is still in love.  He told me that that proves there was no God or God would have saved his marriage.  I say that proved there was a God and his marriage, as much as no one ever wants to admit, was not a true marriage.  A true marriage is when God intertwines your souls together. God saved his true marriage!

You see sometimes God grants your prayer in a different way then you think He should because God sees the big picture.  To me the above example proves God does hear and answer your prayers.  God saved his upcoming marriage.  His true marriage.  Not to say that the guy did not have free will to stay in his first marriage.  You have free will to do what you want.

And that is the whole of it.  You have free will to choose.  Choose to do God’s Will because He sees the big picture.  Pray for your friend in the hospital, BUT also pray that His Will be done.  Pray for a glimpse at that bigger picture.  Maybe it is good that the person gets better, but maybe it is time for them to go Home to Heaven.  Either way it is a good thing for that person.

Just another something to think about.

Peace be with you.

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