Waning Crescent – Day 27

The light from the moon is almost gone. We begin to think back over our lives and how it wasn’t so bad.  Perhaps, just maybe, death will not be so bad either.  We start to see life in a nostalgic sort of way.  We think about what has gone before.

We have wonderful senses that also sends thoughts into our minds.  No, not information, but thoughts.  You may taste licorice, that is information, but the thought is about the time you and your grandmother stayed up late watching movies and eating black jelly beans.  Sensation invokes memoires.  Memories are the thoughts that we hold in our hearts.  Memories are little gifts of God.

The hearing ear, and the seeing eye, Yahweh has made even both of them. – Proverbs 20:12

And as we begin to think about the darkness to come, we think about how we tend to move through life with our eyes closed.  Do we see what is right in front of us?  Are we able to hear what is really going on?  Can to we touch what is real?  How do we use our senses?  Are we distracted by them or do we cultivate them towards our purposes?  Like we discussed with looking for signs from God, we can use our senses to open ourselves to the miraculous.  With every physical sensation there is a spiritual sensation as well.  When you pray what do you see?  When you meditate what do you feel?  Can you hear the sound of angel wings?  Have you tried?

That which was from the beginning, that which we have heard, that which we have seen with our eyes, that which we saw, and our hands touched, concerning the Word of life. – 1 John 1: 1

What is it like to have spiritual senses?  What do you do with them?  Look for God.  Call His vision to your seeing.  Listen to God.  Call His hearing to your ears.  Think of the unseen as you see, the unheard as you listen, the healing touch to your hands.  Be aware of the interconnectedness of all life, both spiritual and physical.  If you are aware of it, your heart opens and life is far more beautiful.

Please join me in prayer.

“I come to you, my God, with a grateful heart.  Thank You, O Lord for surrounding me with your unconditional Love and Divine Acceptance.  Thank You, O Lord for showering me with all your sacred blessings.  Please open my heart so that I am truly grateful for all that you have done, are doing and will do, now and forever.  I am grateful for my senses through which I perceive the world both the seen and the unseen.  I am grateful for the memories that my senses evoke, both the good and the bad for I know each has helped me be who I am.  I am grateful for Physical Death because that is how I return to You.  I am grateful for Your Love.  For all these things – Thank You, O Lord.  Amen.”

Please meditate and listen to God.

Peace be with you.

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