Waning Gibbous – Day 16

The moonlight is still shrinking.  Still shedding its light.  What else do we need to shed?  When we think of God’s bounty we need to also think of less physical things that He has given that if we don’t use properly can turn to darkness, turn to sin.  God has given us, as Freud called it, a libido.   It is what fuels desires, and the sense of self, but this type of energy if not used appropriately can turn into lust. When you use sex selfishly you are taking what God has given us to a bad place, but sex is not a bad thing.

First of all to avoid lust it requires marriage.  Now when I say marriage, I am not talking about going to the courthouse and getting a legal document.  I am also not talking about having to go to a certain church and have a certain ritual.  I am talking about married.  Two people that are so close to that God Himself has intertwined you at the very soul.  That is marriage.  Now, when you have a spouse, you feel the need for sex.  Why?  Because your souls are intertwined already.  You feel it and your bodies want to feel what your souls already are.  That is why premarital or extramarital sex is considered lust because it is basically a lie.  You are not intertwined at the soul.  So you are lying to yourself and your partner, this type of sexual behavior is damaging to yourself and to others.

Porno makes you think that it’s all fine.  It’s all normal.  But, have you ever watched a scary movie and then had to make sure your doors were locked before you went to bed?  Have you ever watched an action adventure movie and felt like you could do anything when you finished?  In the same way porno makes you think that lust is okay.  It changes the way that you think about other people. Other people are there as objects of your pleasure, not as real human beings.

“You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall not commit adultery;’ but I tell you that everyone who gazes at a woman to lust after her has committed adultery with her already in his heart.” – Matthew 5: 28

 So why is lust so bad?  Because lust is not just sex.  Lust is also manipulative behaviors, bullying, lying, and all other behaviors that make you see people as objects for your personal benefit.  Lust is egomania.  Lust is all about the ‘me’.  “I am the Sun and the whole world should revolve around me.”

Society says it’s all fine.  Pornos, which were once considered deviant, society says is fine, no actually good because they help strengthen your relationships.  Yeah, society says a lot of things that I think are crazy.  Society tells us that people are born into the wrong bodies for sex so they need to have surgery to change their gender.  Society tells us that homosexuality is fine.  If you say anything against it you are a homophobe.  Well, society right now is saying that pedophilia is wrong.  How long till they change their mind about that?  Society is mutable and judgmental.  God is constant and loving.  I’d rather have God.

Let me tell you a simple truth that society refuses to hear.  There are many kinds of love and all but one of them don’t involve sex.  A friend once told me that she thought if she told me the truth that I wouldn’t be her friend any more.  I said that there was nothing she could tell me that would make me reject her, because I love her.  She said that that was just it.  She thought she must be a lesbian because she loved me and she thought that I might reject her because she loved me.  WHOAH! Society has so ingrained us to believe that if we love someone we have to have sex with them that my best friend thought I would reject her because she loved me back.  What is wrong with Society!?!  Why can’t two women be best friends as adults as easily as we can when we were five? Why can’t you love someone without the need for sex or labels?  Sex is only about one kind of love.  Now Society says, well two women or two men, or groups of people can have that kind of love.  No, actually, they can’t.  Two women can be best friends and have a “fraternal” kind of love.  But that doesn’t mean sex.

Society says, “Well some people are just born homosexual.”  Again, I disagree.  People are confusing love and aesthetic attraction with sex.  Most people can look at a beautiful child and appreciate that child on a purely aesthetic way.  Why can’t adults see other adults that way?  Society says, “Yes, but people who are born homosexual do not see it that way; they feel sexual desire for another of the same sex.”  One, Society confuses people and even if that is not the case then I look at it as everything else we are born with.  We all have our crosses to bare.  We all have our urges and our desires.  We need to see them as just that.  Just like I said earlier about lies.  Know it.  Acknowledge it.  Change it. Accept forgiveness and just let it go.

So how do we get rid of it?  Don’t focus on carnal lust but on Love.  Focus on God.  Look at the Moon.   The light from the moon is still bright, still shining.  It showers down like the love of God.  How many times have we felt love?  How many have we given love?  Received love?  Fatherly love?  Motherly love? Sisterly love?  Brotherly love?  Love of friends?  Love of family?  Love for a beautiful flower?

Love of God?  God is Love and on this waning moon we need to remember to give love away.

 “Love one another as I have loved you.” – John 13: 34

 You know the old adage about a candle, how the more it gives away its fire it never diminishes, but by that giving away creates more light.  Give without receiving.  Well that is what we will do now.

Here is a list of things to try.

  • Hold the door open for someone.
  • Give someone a compliment. Not how they look, but what they do.
  • If you see a stranger upset, ask if they are okay.
  • Donate blood.
  • When your friend has a problem, listen. Don’t talk.  Don’t try to solve it for them.  Be there for them.  Sometimes we just need to talk it out so we can figure it out.
  • Give a homeless person your lunch. If you get hungry, it will remind you that they were too.  You can always buy more, they can’t.
  • When someone is being picked on or gossiped about, think of something nice to say about them and say it.
  • Find one thing in your house that you don’t use and put it in one of the donation boxes around town.
  • Call the cashier at the grocery store by name and ask how they are.
  • If you see someone trying to take a picture of themselves and friends, offer to take it for them.
  • Pray for someone without telling them.

Note that none of these suggestions cost you money.  None of these suggestions causes an ongoing obligation.  All of them take very little time.  They are just little ways to spread the love.  What else can we add to this list?  How many you can do today in Honor of the Love God gives away to you?

Focus on God.  Focus on others and not yourself.  Live in the spirit of Love.

Please join me in prayer.

“I come to you, my God, with a grateful heart.  Thank You, O Lord for surrounding me with your unconditional Love and Divine Acceptance.  Thank You, O Lord for showering me with all your sacred blessings.  Please open my heart so that I am truly grateful for all that you have done, are doing and will do, now and forever.  I am grateful for the Love You give to me.  I am grateful for the ability to share that love.  I am grateful that all things I do for love brings more of Your Love into my life. I am grateful that in sharing Your Love others will be encouraged to share love as well.  I am grateful for Your Forgiveness.  I am grateful for Your Love.  For all these things – Thank You, O Lord.  Amen.”

Please meditate and listen to God.

Peace be with you.


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