Waxing Gibbous – Day 12

The Moon’s light continues to grow miraculously.  Yes, miraculously.  I know, I know.  The Moon’s light comes from its reflection of the sun and the darkness from the shadow of the earth.  But just because we know what causes it, why does that make it any less miraculous?  Why can we not have both?  Why can’t the almond be a healthy nut full of protein, good fats and other nutrients also be a miraculous symbol of God looking out for you?  Why does our society try to put the intellectual world at odds with the spiritual one?  Why do, as some would have us believe, we have to choose between knowledge and God?  It wasn’t too long ago that there was no difference.  To learn more about God’s creation was the pursuit of God.

Sir Francis Bacon the founder of the scientific method once said, “It is true that a little philosophy (meaning science) inclineth man’s mind to atheism; but depth in philosophy (again meaning science) bringeth men’s minds to religion.”

The deeper you look the more you will find God.

Even Charles Darwin said, “I may say that the impossibility of conceiving that this grand and wondrous universe, with our conscious selves, arose through chance, seems to me the chief argument for the existence of God.”

One of the gifts of God is the gift of Knowledge to enlighten the mind.  God does not want blind faith.  Blind faith is easily shattered.  True faith requires the Truth.  True faith is unshakable. The truth can be found through the intellect and this truth will feed your faith.  Our mind, our hearts and our spirits all yearn to know the truth, they all yearn to know God.

Knowledge will be pleasant to your soul. – Proverbs 2: 10

 What more would you like to learn?

 Please join me in prayer.

“I come to you, my God, with a grateful heart.  Thank You, O Lord for surrounding me with your unconditional Love and Divine Acceptance.  Thank You, O Lord for showering me with all your sacred blessings.  Please open my heart so that I am truly grateful for all that you have done, are doing and will do, now and forever.  I am grateful for the gift of knowledge.  I am grateful to be able to seek you out in every atom and molecule.  I am grateful that you have given me the ability to search and explore Your miraculous Creation.  I am grateful for Your Love.  For all these things – Thank You, O Lord.  Amen.”

Please meditate and listen to God.

Peace be with you.



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