Praying by Moonlight Introduction

Since this is a season of Thanksgiving which started with Lammas I will be uploading 28 days of gratitude.  Starting on the New Moon (those of you that are reading this as it posts will be on August 11) I will be posting a new reflection on Gratitude everyday for the next Lunar cycle.  So….

Welcome to Praying by Moonlight – 28 days of gratitude!  It is so good to be here with you, in the oneness of all things.  As I started this introduction, I kept thinking of the questions that kept being asked whenever I was asked what I was currently working on.  So as my introduction I will answer those questions.

Why go by the Moon, what about the Sun, or the year?

First, let me explain why not the Sun or the year.  Well the Sun as a symbol of the Son is a great thing, but the Sun like the Son doesn’t change, well the Sun doesn’t change to the naked eye.  This series is all about change, change through gratitude.

Then why not the year?  I write holiday posts for every major holiday which is like praying throughout the year, so with all of those, I think the year is pretty much covered.  With this series, I wanted to focus on just gratitude.

Yeah, but why the Moon?

The Moon is a constant reminder of change.  It is the lesser light that rules the night.  Its light is pure and white.  Its light grows becoming brighter and fuller just as our spiritual life does, becoming more radiant and complete.  It slowly fades, reminding us that there are some things that need to be gotten rid of and some things that are inevitable.  Why not the Moon?

Why gratitude, there are other prayers?

But are they better prayers?  Gratitude allows you to ground yourself in God, stabilizing your life.  Gratitude helps you to evaluate what you have, and eliminates the need for what you don’t.  It helps you to gain perspective and see things for how they truly are.  It allows you to see God’s Love.  What, I ask you, is a better prayer than that?

I don’t get it.  So it’s just another prayer series?  What are you trying to accomplish with that?

It is a prayer, yes, because there is no gratitude without prayer.  But I am trying to accomplish so much more than that.  This series contains all my hopes for you and your spiritual quest.  It is a guideline, not a destination.  It asks you questions and provokes thoughtful contemplation. If each person who utilizes this series becomes a more grateful and loving person, I will have accomplished more than I could hope ever for.

One last thing, if you have been working along in your journal for the “Falling in Love with God” series, you might want to include this spiritual journey in it as well.  If you have not been utilizing that series it might be helpful for you to start a notebook/scrapbook/file on your computer to write down your thoughts during these next 28 days either in words or pictures.

The New Moon starts in a few days.  Get ready!


Peace be with you.

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