Falling in Love with God – Labyrinth

How is your “Falling in Love with God” coming along?  Got another idea for you.  A labyrinth.  A labyrinth is an older spiritual practice.  Some confuse a labyrinth and a maze.  They are different.  A maze is a network of paths as a puzzle with wrong directions and dead ends.  It is a game.  A labyrinth is a unicursal path, a path that can be drawn with just one line, that is made of concentric circles which represent the spiritual journey and leads to the center which is your oneness with God.

You are one a spiritual journey right now.  You Love Journal is the expedition notebook of that journey.  A labyrinth is a symbol of a spiritual journey.  I would like you to create a labyrinth that symbolizes your spiritual journey in your notebook.  You can copy an existing labyrinth if it is a good representation for you or you can create your own with concentric circles.

Color it.  Decorate it.  Think about it. Follow it with your finger as a meditative exercise.  Draw a line in the path representing how far you’ve come.  Utilize it for the spiritual tool that it is.

Peace be with you.

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